Trend Following Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 5


Using Trend Following trading principles, we offer various Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 5. The Expert Advisors offered can help you test, customize, and automate your trading of a Trend Following system in the MetaTrader 5 markets. If your system idea differs, get a jump start on your programming by building on our code and making the system yours or reach out to us for a custom system. Use the links to the left to view the Expert Advisors and Trend Following systems we have available.


We based our Expert Advisors on understanding instead of optimization. While the code itself isn't always simple, the systems are simple ideas generalized to work across different markets and trading instruments. For more information on the Trend Following principles used, visit For details of the Trend Following systems used, visit


  • Comes with fully commented source code so you know exactly what the system is doing.
  • Works with any currency pair and on any timeframe.
  • Systems are complete including criteria for entry with pyramiding, position sizing, stops and exits.
  • Each system is customizable with many variables.
  • Position Sizing uses the Percent Volatility calculation so positions are equalized by risk and pip value.


  • Price Channels also known as Donchian Channels - Shows the high and low of a specified number of bars/candlesticks.
  • Bollinger BandWidth - Measures volatility by finding the difference between the upper and lower Bollinger Bands.
  • % b - Shows where the price in between or outside the upper and lower Bollinger Bands.
  • Moving Average Envelopes - Using a percentage, envelopes above and below a moving average.
  • ATR Envelopes - Using a multiple of the ATR, envelopes above and below a moving average.
  • Percent Volatility Position Size - Adds comment lines to the chart to show the calculated position size based on the chart variables.
  • Market's Money Position Size - Adds comment lines to the chart to show the calculated position size based on the chart variables.


After completing checkout through Paypal, you will receive an automated email within minutes. Don't let it slip away in your spam folder, the email will come right after you finish with Paypal. The email address used is the primary one you have on file with Paypal; please confirm Paypal has your correct and current email address. The email will have the download link that will only be good for 24 hours. Please complete your download soon after you receive the email. Use the installation tips page to get the file saved and compiled so you can start testing today.


We do not show any backtest results or make claims about the profitability of the Expert Advisors. We know we do not have any one size fits all systems that will satisfy all the people all the time. Take a look at any of the Expert Advisors and you will see they let you change many variables so showing some optimized backtest doesn't help you much for the future. For any system to be successful, it must fit your trading style, your psychology, and be within your risk tolerance. Learning, testing, modifying, and getting a feel for the system is crucial to becoming comfortable with a trading system. If you want a headstart on programming and automating a Forex system, we have code for you. If you want to try out a common system and build upon it to make it your system, we have systems for you. All of our Expert Advisors are available for free backtests on the MQL Market.